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Half a Second of Sadness by kibalover028 Half a Second of Sadness :iconkibalover028:kibalover028 0 1
Under The Mask
                 Under The Mask
Once you take off the mask I know who you really are
You no different
You're a sad and depress child
Your face covered with dry tears
You can't hide the fact that your a sad child
How low are you to be sad while you have what you want and more
You only want more
With the mask on you hide your feelings and say to yourself that your happy
But when your alone, your on the floor trying not to drown in your tears
You want people to love the real you that's why you're sad child
But in this world no one like the real people
They rather have the fake people like you
That's why you have the mask on
Only I will know what's under neath the mask of yours
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 5 11
Monster Inside
                   Monster Inside
It wants to take over
It want to see things in a different way
It want to see everything in red
It's crawling try to escape
It's hides in the dark while until  it want to come out
It's teeth a razor shape just like mine
The monster want to take over me
I can't let it happen
I'm different from this monster
The reason why..
This monster inside me is sadly my other half
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 5 16
How I Deeply Feel About You
How I Deeply Feel About You
You act like an immature child
You make my skin claw and my blood boiling   when I hear your name
It's sad how you have nothing better to do than talk about me
Your not forth having friends,too mad their are fake and your unable to see that
I see for who your really are and I can't take you kind
Your the type that will try to make me cry while I'm a bigger person than you
I know you want to hurt me but you can't
So talk about me all you want,I wont cry
I will only laugh of how jealous you are of me and sad your life is
I hope you fall and people see who you really are
When you fall I will watch and have no pity for you
I think so little of you based on how you are today and how you always will be
Deep down I know I not the only one that feels this way so don't think your loved
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 7 8
Inner Feelings
Inner feelings 
When I'm with you I smile
Every time  you say rude things I let it go
When you get call me I come quickly to you
I'm always how you want me to be when your around 
But when your not around..I have different feelings,
I get mad about the rude things you said
I don't smile when I think of you I get angry 
Your  don't act like your age all the time,
Your suppose to act your age all the time
I tell myself to come to you so I won't hear you yell that's why
Other people have these feelings as well,
How can we show how we really feel about you?
If I show my inert feelings it won't be good,
The inner feelings at have for you is really hatred.
You will never know how I really feel about you,
All you ever will see is a smile that is fake.
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 12 3
The Birthday Story
For deviantART's 12th birthday, the staff decided to throw a Huge surprise party for Fella. They gathered at Fella's favorite restaurant, The Fancy Cats, with presents in hand. Llama brought Fella to the door and once they stepped in, all of the staff screamed, "Point!" Fella was so shocked that he instantly Played. He opened his presents to find that Llama had given him 12 Kisses. He was amazed! He would never forget that night.
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 2 2
Always On My Mind
Always on my mind
When the songs plays you comes to mind
I remember you so well I feel  you besides me
Those  times we spent come easily to mind
Even tough you're within my in my heart all the time
You come into my mind so deeply when I think of you
When your on my mind  tears form my eyes
The waterfall forms on my face
You were apart of me along with others
You captivate me deeply and still do
The tears and time denied me that you left
Your presences feels so real to me after all these years
The waterfall won't go away if your on my mind
Time can't erase my feelings of you
Those the years we were tougher you hold me and kept me safe
Throughout this time I feel all alone
I wish your still here with me
Why did death steal you away for me
Why did death steal you away from life
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 10 4
Mature content
That One Night Stand a AmericaXRussia Story :iconkibalover028:kibalover028 13 20
Waiting For That Sorry 
It been a while since that fight
You been talking to me like we're ok
But there was no sorry.
There is no sorry from you 
Why didn't I get a sorry from you?
I shouldn't be the one saying it you are.
After what you said to me and called me you need to say sorry.
It's been days now,
I'm sill waiting for that sorry. 
When we talk it not the same,
I wonder why that is.
What do I need to do to make you say sorry to me!
Just till me why you won't say sorry to me...
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 6 11
I'm ugly,
The names go on.
They   are what people call me
They are what peole think of me
I tried so hard to tell myself it's all a lie.
I tried to tell myself not the belive it,
But in the end I belive it.
Thoses labels are true and I should acpect it.
Even if I tried to prove the labels wrong,
They will still see the labels on me.
I know I should not belive it but how can I?
The ones  that I  thought loved you call you thoses labels.
What am I to do?
You tell me...
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 9 4
You yell and scream
You show anger at me for all the little things
The anger you hold goes on me.
What do I do?
I cry and shake in fear and terror.
The more I show fear the more afried I become of you.
When you calm you nice and gental
But that last only a short time
Im afried of why you'll do when your a beast
I'm afried of the outcome
I tried to not be afried but how can I?
I'm so afraid 
 I became afraid of your kind 
Meanwhile I'm suspose to love your kind. 
Will I even get over my fear for you?
Or will I be forever afried of you? 
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 7 6
Still Love Me
  Still Love Me
I treat you as a friend
I treat you as a sister
I treat you as a lone one
And you still love me
We disagree,
We argue  
We always yell and fight
And you still love me
When we hate each other be believe it"s true when it's not.
We act this way because we're close
And you still love me
You still love me no matter what,
And I still love you.
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 8 124
Watching over Me
Watching Over Me
You Watch over me from wherever you are
Always try to help me when I need it
You give a sign weather  is something good or bad
Always in my heart no matter what ever though your not with me
I know your somewhere up there looking down right at me,
Watching over me .
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 10 4
Cute on the outside but evil on the inside
Always want to take over the world of llamas 
Taking over deviantart 
Successfully telling fats about them.  
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 2 4
Sweet smell 
Blowing in the wind as if it's my hair blowing in the wind.
Looks lovely and so kind
This thing,so general and tells a story,
And that tells a story about love
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 4 3
Going To Leave
        Going To Leave
He falling for her,the evil one
I don't want anything to do with her
You know I hate her
You also know how I feel about this
Telling me to stop and get over it
He never yelled at me till now
Down on my knees
I put my head into my knees 
He won't see me cry if I do that
Days has been passing by with me crying
There are hitting the bottom of my chin hitting my knees 
Your going to leave
I know you will because of the evil one
Now unable...
Unable to you how I feel...
Knowing you won't care and tell me to move on
This pain won't allow me to move on
Scared to let my guard  down now
Why are you going to leave...
I thought I was your friend and also like family member  to you...
One thing I'm able to do now..
Never telling you how I feel once more and watch you walk away and leave..
When that time comes... 
That promise...
That promise you will neve
:iconkibalover028:kibalover028 3 7


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I love to read and write. I enjoy listing to music. Music normally helps me with my writing. Sometimes I need music or some type of sound in the background sound such as a television just to have some background sound. I'm also an otaku (anime freak/lover). I watch anime because it's so awesome and it's better what on shows they show in television now. I'm a quite person in real life but slowly changes once I know someone more. I do talk a lot with my friends. But for some odd reason I'm not as talkative online as in real life. So don’t’ get mad if I don’t say much to you when talking here^^; I'm also a yaoi(boy and boy,gay love)fan I also the founder of:iconlove-writing:. It's pretty much a group that writing can be loved such as drawings. So please join or take a look at it. The reason why I'm on here is because I want people to give their opinion about my work. I want to know if I'm good or not, did I improve in something, do I need to work more with the details and what not. So far my work has evolved thanks to people liking them and adding them into their favorites. When that happens its makes me happy and I feel good about myself and my work. I also join because I want to see my work grow and also be known for it. To me, writing is art such as much drawing is. Well, I guess that's all you really need to know about me, you can also see my interests if you want know my favorite things and what not. If you want to ask me anything about myself or whatever all you need to do is just comment.
Photo up above is my OC Misao Akatsuki


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    Well since I had this DA family before, I thought why not start a new  one. Random why, is because I haven't be really on here that much and someone people in my Da family left and i never talked to after I allowed them to be in my DA family. 

    So this time  I would ask if you want to be in my DA family but we should try to talk and get close/ So i guess if you're able to so that then you can join my family so comment below if you want to join~

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